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Most small business owners don’t realize that they are sitting on a goldmine of opportunity. They fall victim to the belief that once you’ve completed your working engagement, the relationship is over – they take a transactional approach.

Not politely thanking your customers after you’re done working together won’t hurt you immediately, but it will mean that you are leaving massive amounts of money on the table.

A happy customer is the best tool you have for growing your business. Instead of a transactional approach, you should consider a relationship approach.

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Simplicity Leads to Success

To be wildly successful, you really only need to master a few things. You must 1. find new customers, 2. deliver an outstanding product or service that turns those customers into raving fans, and 3. build a system to allow you to do these two things consistently as you grow, without sacrificing quality.

Your system doesn't have to be complex, but it does need to be effective or else what's the point?

What Makes a Great Client Gift?

Sending great client gifts doesn't have to be hard. Focus on nailing a few very important things. 

When sending client gifts, remember the acronym MAP: memorable, authentic, personalized. 

You want a memorable gift to maximize your client's enjoyment (and your ROI). Keep it classy with limited, tasteful branding (if any) and a reasonable price point for optimal authenticity. 

Personalized gifts are more memorable and are perceived to be more authentic. 

Greetabl integrates with Honeybook, 17hats, Táve, and more so you can easily add strategic surprise and delight to your workflow. And we built power gifting templates so you can automate your process, not your personal touch. 

And while you're at it, you can eliminate time-consuming activities like searching for gifts, assembling a package, and going to the post office.

Save time and do more of what you love with Greetabl.

Easily Add to Your Existing Workflow

So What's the Catch?

Just one: This deal won't last forever. 

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Get Paid to Send Awesome Gifts

Starting at less than $20 for a unique, personalized gift is a no-brainer to begin with, but earning rewards and monthly credit is the icing on the cake. 

When you sign up for Insider Pro, not only do you earn 10% back on qualifying purchases, but each month you delight someone with Greetabl, you get $5 added right to your account the following month! 

Just one delightful gift sent each month earns you $60 back on your Insider Pro membership!

What is Strategic Surprise & Delight?

Strategic surprise and delight means that your best marketing channel is you. You are awesome! You are a professional and you are good (great!) at what you do. Building an authentic relationship with your client is the most powerful thing you can do for your business. Besides – it's the right thing to do.

Surprise and delight is not complicated. It means making people smile, making them happy, and building a business of authenticity.




Take Advantage of All The Perks

Insider Pro was built for busy creatives, so you'll get access to all the tools you need to grow:

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  • Include your logo on a small paired card.

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  • Access to exclusive Insider Pro gifts and designs.

Where Do I Get The Time For This?

Building relationships and sending strategic surprise and delight gifts do not need to be time consuming. With Insider Pro, the membership for professionals who care, we've made it easy to save time and money while growing your business.